Device as a Service

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Get the latest Laptops, Desktops & Mobile Devices With No Upfront Cost.

Device as a Service

Switch, add, return, or repurpose devices when needed, without penalty

DaaS Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Manage the full lifecycle of a device by combining its procurement, services, management, recovery and refresh in a full end-to-end experience with a predictable and manageable monthly payment

At Tutela IT, we believe in the power of technology to drive business growth and success. But we also recognise that the impact of technology on our environment cannot be ignored. That’s why we are committed to providing sustainable IT solutions that not only help our clients achieve their goals but also protect the planet.

List Tick Device selection and procurement

You simply select from our standardized device categories to meet your needs exactly. We take everything else from your shoulders, procure all devices worldwide and ensure the best conditions for you. And with our fixed price per device per month, the costs are predictable.

List Tick National end-to-end logistics and support

All devices are safely stored in our own warehouses around the world and within the blink of an eye at your facilities. Fully configured and ready to use. Just plug-in and start working. And if you need a replacement, we provide one-business-day device swap nationwide.

List Tick Reuse and recycle of devices

We follow the circular economy approach. Means once you need new devices, we refurbish the old ones and provide them to the next customer. This way the devices are in use much longer before we eventually recycle them. Good for our planet and good for your wallet.

List Tick Improving the employee experience

Free your budget and resources from "business as usual" IT needs, so you can focus on digital transformation. With our ongoing performance improvement assessments, diagnosis and scorecards, you’ll have the right data to make informed decisions.

List Tick The choice is yours.

We maintain deep relationships with multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and software publishers to bring you the largest selection possible. From laptops, desktops and tablets to the latest mobile devices and applications, we offer technology from brands you trust.

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With a single payment solution we can help you plan and manage investments in technology.

    Why Choose Tutela IT for DaaS?
    • Delivering reliable DaaS solutions across the UK with advanced infrastructure and expertise.

    • Access desktops from any device, ensuring remote work, scalability, and data security.

    • Comprehensive DaaS management with updates, backups, and 24/7 technical assistance.

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