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Our partners

Tailored Solutions for investing time and expertise to meet your business needs
Tutela IT, your reliable provider of premium IT solutions for leading vendors including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Aruba, HP Inc, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Juniper Networks. Our team of experts is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise to offer tailored solutions to meet your IT needs.

Our commitment lies in dedicating our time to deeply comprehend your business requirements and determining the most suitable solutions for you. Through close collaboration, we create a customised service tailored to your specific needs, enriching it with our expertise, adaptable mindset, and outstanding customer support.

At Tutela IT, we are your trusted partners for all things Apple. From a vast range of Apple products and accessories such as MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, to specialised solutions tailored for every unique business need including device management, cloud integrations, and top-tier security measures. Our expert team doesn’t just stop at providing the best Apple tech; we also offer dedicated support, comprehensive training courses, and innovative solutions to ensure you harness the full potential of your devices. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, we guarantee genuine products, expert advice from seasoned IT professionals, competitive pricing, and an unwavering commitment to customer service. Partner with Tutela IT and stay at the cutting edge of technological advancements.


Tutela IT is your trusted source for AWS services, dedicated to enhancing your IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and boosting performance. Explore our AWS offerings such as the scalable Amazon S3 for data storage, the flexible Amazon EC2 for cloud computing, Amazon RDS for straightforward cloud database management, and the efficient Amazon Redshift for detailed data analysis. Beyond products, we assist in vital areas like smooth cloud migration, robust cloud security, and reliable backup and disaster recovery strategies. Whether you need expert AWS consultation, comprehensive training, or swift support, our seasoned team is ready to ensure your cloud journey is both smooth and efficient. Choose Tutela IT for a seamless, secure, and efficient AWS experience.


With Tutela IT’s specialised Cisco offerings, you’re equipped to fortify your IT infrastructure, amplify security, and boost collaboration across your organisation. Delve into our comprehensive Cisco product suite, from robust networking hardware like routers and switches to cutting-edge security measures against cyber threats and advanced collaboration tools for enhanced communication. Our solutions go beyond mere products: we spearhead network designs tailored to your goals, ensure robust security assessments, and pave the way for seamless collaborative environments. What truly sets us apart is our service spectrum. Benefit from the insights of our seasoned Cisco consultants, avail our training programs for a skilled team, and lean on our steadfast support for any IT challenges. With Tutela IT and Cisco, you’re setting the stage for technological excellence.


Tutela IT proudly collaborates with global IT forerunner, Dell/EMC, ensuring that businesses gain access to forefront technology solutions. Our partnership highlights the innovative Dell Apex platform, an on-demand service allowing swift IT infrastructure deployment sans initial capital hurdles. But our Dell/EMC suite doesn’t stop there; from powerful servers, storage solutions, to top-tier networking and security products, our expertise encompasses it all. Entrust us with design, deployment, and management – with Tutela IT by your side, the journey to achieving IT milestones is both robust and seamless. Reach out for a tailored consultation and discover how we can architect your IT success story with Dell/EMC.


In collaboration with HP Inc, Tutela IT delivers cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for today’s dynamic business landscape. We’re your gateway to a broad spectrum of HP Inc products, encompassing laptops, desktops, printers, and essential accessories, catering to businesses from nimble startups to expansive enterprises. But it’s not just about products. Our bespoke HP Inc solutions, whether for data management, security, or networking, are crafted to supercharge efficiency, boost productivity, and curtail costs. And to elevate your tech journey, our services span from hardware installation, software configuration, to dedicated training and support. Consider us your one-stop destination for optimising your IT operations with HP Inc. Reach out and let us sculpt your tailored IT pathway.


Tutela IT, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), champions next-gen IT solutions tailored for contemporary businesses. At the forefront is HPE’s Greenlake, revolutionising IT consumption with its pay-as-you-use model, offering unmatched flexibility, cost predictability, and robust security. But our alignment with HPE doesn’t end there. Dive into a rich array of servers apt for any business scale, cutting-edge storage solutions, efficient networking gear, and expert-led services. With Tutela IT, embrace a harmonised IT trajectory powered by HPE, including the transformative Greenlake. Let’s collaborate to craft your ideal IT blueprint.

Juniper Networks

Partnering with Juniper Networks, Tutela IT delivers robust networking solutions pivotal for today’s diverse business landscape. Our suite covers everything from routers, switches, and security devices to wireless access points, catering to both budding startups and expansive enterprises. Recognising that no two businesses share identical networking demands, our Juniper-focused solutions encompass areas like data center networking, cloud integration, steadfast security, and intuitive automation. Beyond hardware and solutions, our offerings extend to expert services, from seamless installation and configuration to continued support. Plus, elevate your networking prowess with our training and certification initiatives. With Tutela IT and Juniper, envision a network that’s resilient, adaptive, and future-ready.


Tutela IT collaborates with Lenovo, merging technology and innovation to present solutions vital for evolving businesses. Our inventory encompasses a diverse Lenovo portfolio, from versatile workstations like laptops and tablets to high-performance servers. Highlighting a few, the space-saving ThinkCentre Tiny is ideal for compact settings, while the robust ThinkPad X1 Carbon suits the dynamic professionals. Our ThinkSystem servers are scalable, adjusting to business size and demand. But our commitment goes beyond mere products. We ensure seamless integration with installation and configuration, pledge unwavering support with maintenance, and empower your team through comprehensive training. With Tutela IT and Lenovo, envision technology that’s seamless, adaptive, and impeccably reliable.


At Tutela IT, we’re proud to partner with Microsoft, delivering top-tier products like Office 365, Windows 11 Pro, and the innovative Surface devices. Harness the power of our Microsoft solutions, including Azure’s cloud services, collaboration via Teams and SharePoint, and robust security with Defender and Azure Active Directory. In addition to our product range, we offer tailored consultancy, training programs, and 24/7 support to ensure optimal performance and seamless operations for your business. With Tutela IT and Microsoft, you’re equipped for a digital-first future.

Find the right
Solution for you

Tutela can provide the resource to schedule, coordinate and manage the requirement from start to completion.

Find the right Solution for you

We work exclusively with vendors that share our values and prioritise sustainability in their operations.

Find the right Solution for you

We work exclusively with vendors that share our values and prioritise sustainability in their operations.